Collagen Remodeling

When the collagen breaks down due to aging family heredity sun exposure, or the normal aging process, your skin reduces production of collagen and begins to thin and underline pigment or redness begins to appear on your skin. Intense Pulse Light(known as IPL or BBL)Technologies stimulate and remodel collagen for skin tightening and pore reduction and targets darkn pigmentto reduce age spots and helps to even skin tone and to decrease the appearance of scars. Many body sites can be treated including tha face,neck,chest and hands. The skin is made up of three layers: a visible outer layer on the surface called the Epidermis , a collagen-rich under layer beneath the surface called Dermis and an inner layer beneath the dermis called subcutaneous. IPL uses light to heat up the collagen in the dermis and stimulate collagen remodeling. the superficial part of the skin is sprared so there is no injury to the outer layers of skin and thus there is little or no downtime.

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